Chieh Huang, co-founder and CEO of Boxed, knows a thing or two about identifying the perfect candidates to join a fast growing company. Why you ask? Well, Huang grew his e-commerce platform from his parents’ garage to reap over $100 million in sales in just 3 years. Along the way, he recruited hundreds of colleagues to help him achieve this milestone.

Inc Magazine recently reported that Huang has a clever trick up his sleeve: to screen for the right people during a job interview, he only asks one question: “Tell me the story of you, but the thing you can’t say is anything that’s on your résumé.” According to Huang, this is how he rules out “complete jerks and idiots.”

Now, if you’re preparing for a job interview, chances are your interviewer will ask more than just one deep question like this. If you’ve done your homework, you will at the least have an answer for common questions that may be thrown your way.

But beyond interview questions alone, here are four things to consider before you go into an interview for a job you’d really like to get.

Give the elevator pitch of your life

There’s a reason why the overused ‘tell me about yourself’ phrase is so hard to answer during a job interview. Not many of us are the best salespeople when it comes to selling ourselves to a prospective employer. But it’s important to develop a mindset that looks at achievements as part of life. You lived it, so there is no need to read off your resume throughout the interview. Learn how to give the elevator pitch of your life by rehearsing and repeating it, and asking for feedback.

What is at the core of the company’s mission?

Have you stopped to inspect the bigger picture and decipher what the organisation really cares about? It might be cliché, but doing your homework and getting under the skin of what the business wants to achieve is key. Think of how you would describe what the company does and wants to achieve in one sentence without using jargon or marketing-heavy terminology.

Interview your interviewer

What would you like to know about working at the company? What is your interviewer’s view of working at the company? Remember to turn the tables and ask questions, as this will be your go at showing how curious you are about the role and business. Go beyond the usual questions and write down what you are truly wondering about, and bring them up during the conversation — don’t be shy!

Bring honesty to the table

You won’t be under oath, but it’s important to be honest throughout the whole conversation. A good job interviewer will read between the lines and look out for signs of emotional intelligence on top of all the standard requirements for the job. The best way to portray this is to simply be honest to your interviewer in a polite and friendly way.

We hope these tips will help you for your next job interview. Good luck!


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